I really enjoyed my class. Learned so much and had a few ah ha moments. I have always been nervous to try couponing, after taking your class. I am ready to catch the deals and not sales!!!! Thank you so much!
`Charketa Keta Buie

The Couponing classing taught by The Deal Diva was awesome. She did an amazing job, and was very informative. I left thinking "Why didn't I learning about couponing sooner?!". Looking forward to saving LOTS of money!
`Criste Dickson



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Welcome to the "Art of Couponing"...

Our mission is to teach others how to effectively and strategically use coupons to save up to 80% on their grocery and household bills.

Many people think that you simply cut out a coupon, hand it to the cashier, and then magic happens. When in reality there truly is an ART to this magic. There's the cutting, the organization, the matching deals, the patience required to deal with unknowledgeable cashiers and managers, and then there's the carrying of bags, lots and lots of bags.

If you are ready to learn the art behind the magic, you have come to the right source.

About The Deal Diva...

I started teaching families how to save money using coupons in the early part of 2015. Since my start I have taught over 500 students how to save up to 80% on their groceries & household products... I absolutely love teaching and inspiring people how to save their money and how to reach their lifetime goals. In my class we not only discuss how to properly use a coupon but we discuss how to set a budget, how to create a plan, and how to think outside of the box to maximize your savings.

My greatest achievement comes in hearing the testimonies from my students, excited about how they have been able to take trips, buy new homes, prepare their children for college, and more.... If you are still spending your hard earned money on groceries and household products please register for one of my upcoming classes or throw a party in the comfort of your home and allow me to teach you and your guest "The Art of Couponing".

Happy Couponing!!!
Shaun Jai,
The Deal Diva
Owner & Operator of The Art of Couponing.

Shaun Jai  is a self-taught extreme couponer that loves to teach others how to save their money.
Her key ingredients are...

1. Professionalism
2. Building Relationships
3. Organization

Learn more about her at

"After completing The Deal Diva's Class I told her I was going to become her protege'. She has inspired, and encouraged me to be just that. She is an excellent teacher... I just love being in her presence."
~Rosetta C. Fultz Perry
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